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WTF Is DoxyPEP? Here's more about HEAT'S New Treatment Plan.

The HEAT Program is now providing DoxyPEP, a new treatment regiment which prevents the infection of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia by two-thirds, but does not prevent against HIV, Monkeypox, or other viral infections.

What exactly IS DoxyPEP?

DoxyPEP stands for Doxycycline Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. Taking this antibiotic acts as a morning-after pill for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Who can take DoxyPEP?

DoxyPEP is available to cis men who have sex with cis men, and trans women who have sex with cis men.

When is best to take DoxyPEP?

DoxyPEP is most effective when taken WITHIN 24 HOURS of condomless vaginal, anal, oral, or front hole sex. It should not be taken any later than 72 hours after having condomless sex.

Note that if you have condomless sex two or more days in a row, you may take DoxyPEP 24 hours after taking your last dose of DoxyPEP. Do not take more than 200mg of DoxyPEP every 24 hours.

Do I need to take DoxyPEP daily, even if I'm not having sex every day?

No. DoxyPEP should only be taken within 24 hours of having condomless sex.

How should I take DoxyPEP?

It's good to take Doxycycline with lots of water, and with food if you are prone to an upset stomach after taking medication. DoxyPEP makes some folks more sensitive to sunlight, so make sure you're wearing sunscreen and reapplying regularly. Do not consume dairy, multivitamins, antacids (like Pepto-Bismol), or calcium 2 hours before or after taking DoxyPEP.

How can I get on DoxyPEP?

The HEAT Clinic is now prescribing DoxyPEP! You can book an appointment with us at (347) 762-2134 to get more information about how you can get on DoxyPEP.

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